Thursday, November 13

Review: Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

I hate to admit it but for a long time I was guilty of neglecting the skin on my body. I spend a heck of money on my face but when it came to my body I was only moisturising every now and then and that was it. Of course I cleansed with a ph balanced wash but didn't really incorporate scrubs as such into my routine.

Lately I've been obsessed with body products and have bought a bunch of different care products experimenting with different scrubs and lotions. Thank Frank (the scrub) for that! It really got me interested in taking care of the skin on my body. 

One product in particular has definitely changed my moisturising game. The main reason why I didn't use to moisturise everyday was because I was plain old LAZY! It was quite difficult for me to reach my back and really work any products in. Ro's Argan body conditioner had definitely made the process a whole lot easier. 

After reading so many rave reviews from other bloggers I decided to pick one up for myself.
How I use it
I use it right after washing my body in the shower. I apply a thin layer and let it sink in for a couple of minutes. Rinse off and gently pat dry. That's it! No rub in or wait time to get dressed required. I usually do this every night when I shower unless I'm planning to apply something heavier that night. At times I use it in the morning when I feel the need to pamper my skin.


The first thing you notice when you crack open that pot for the first time is the heavenly sweet rose scent. I'm crazy about rose scented products and the scent of this makes me look forward to using it each time. The rose absolue in this just lingers on. 

The texture is light like a lotion but is packed with different oils such as argan, cocoa and shea to nourish and moisturise the skin. After use you will notice a thin layer of oil left on your skin but nothing too uncomfortable. 

It leaves the skin feeling moisturised throughout the day or night and omg can I mention the scent again. It just fills your bathroom with a beautiful aroma where you just want to stay in there forever! 

I've recommended it to a few of friends and have bought it for gifts and they all love it. Definitely something one must try. It is priced at $32.50 for 225g which is honestly quite luxe considering it lasts me under a month but in opinion it is well worth the splurge. 

Would I repurchase it? 

Definitely, I'm already halfway through my second tub . It is soo addictive! I've definitely joined the cult following this amazing product. I hope they release different scents in the future or that other companies will make something like this as well! 

Love, like, dislike or dump? Love

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