Monday, April 28

April Favourites

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in two weeks as I have been a feeling unwell but I'm back with my favourites for the month of April.

Monday, April 14

Cleansing Water Comparisons (Caudalie, Bioderma and Garnier)

Today, I have a trio of micellar cleansing waters I want to share my thoughts on with you. I'm no science expert so I'm not even going to attempt to explain how micellar technology works but Lab Muffin has a post that explains it very clearly with diagrams here if you're interested.

I'm a firm believer in double cleansing. I usually follow the cleansing water with a cleanser and my Clarisonic unless of course it's been a crazy day and I only have enough energy to remove my makeup. Find out which is my favourite after the jump!

Thursday, April 10

Preview: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet and Dentelle Precieuse Illuminating Powder

I must confess, I'm Chanel kind of girl and it extends to cosmetics as well. I generally do like their foundations but was on the fence on Perfection Lumiere as it can look a little too heavy at times. When I heard they were releasing a lighter alternative I picked one up as soon as it hit counters here in Australia. I also couldn't resist this pretty little limited edition illuminating powder called Dentelle Precieuse which translates to "precious lace". I was matched with 20 Beige in the new Perfection Lumiere Velvet. 

In closer detail without flash, you can see the intricacy of the lace impression on the powder. This one will definitely hurt to use. It's just so gorgeous you would want to keep it in new condition. Such a shame as its a limited edition much like my all time favourite highlighter from Chanel, Lumiere Sculptee De Chanel. However, I'm not the type to buy two of the same colour item. As much as I like it, it would take me ages to go through one as I am constantly buying and trying something new.  

I'm going to test this new foundation out for the next week or two and check back with you. So stay tuned and follow me for upcoming reviews if you haven't already. Hopefully it'll be a favourite.

Read my review on --> Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

Wednesday, April 9

Dior Nail Varnish in Palais Royal

Posted this earlier on my Instagram. It's such a beautiful colour in real life. It's dark but not too intense. Perfect for Autumn/Fall and Winter. 

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Kathy xx 

Tuesday, April 8

Review: The Face Shop Hydro Gel Spray Pack - Face & Neck

The Face Shop's Hydro Gel Spray Pack is designed to be a one size fit all hydration mask for the face and neck. If you have ever used Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack, this mask reminds me of that, except it's more liquid and is sprayed on - more hygienic

I actually purchased this for the hubby as they were out of stock of his usual Neo Classic Homme sheet masks. Of course the mask junkie inside me had to give it a test run and I was quite pleased. 

How I use it?

After cleansing my face, applying toner and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, I spray this directly onto my face about 6-8 times. I then gently pat it in, allowing the product sink in. I use this how I would use my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. That is, whenever I need extra hydration but am too buggered and lazy to wait for a sheet mask to do its thing. 


To be honest, I didn't expect much when I first tried this mask as its consistency was quite fluid and just a tad thicker than Avene's Thermal Spring Water spray. Until the next morning, my skin felt really hydrated and soft with no sticky residue. If you're looking for a basic hassle free hydration mask this is the one for you. 

Would I repurchase? 

Yes. But I think this bottle will last me for a very long time. 

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Wednesday, April 2

Mini Illamasqua Haul

Just a short post tonight, before I go to bed. I picked up several items from Illamasqua today some of which I have been eyeing for a while now. They are just so pretty lined up together. 

From left to right:
Nail Varnish in Harem
Nail Varnish in Blizzard
Nail Varnish in Grab
Shattered Stars Nail Varnish in Trilliant 
Glamore Lipstick in Luster

Believe it or not, amongst all the pink lipsticks I own (at least dozen I'd say) I don't have one close like Luster. A friend of mine had it on and I knew I had to have it! 

Goodnight x