Monday, March 3

Review: Clarins Double Serum

The Clarins Double Serum promises to deliver intensive anti-ageing treatment with the power of two serums in one. The two serums containing hydric (water-soluble) and lipidic (oil-soluble) ingredients based on 20 different plants are kept in separate chambers and are combined once pumped onto the palm and mixed well. 

Clarins claims the use of this power serum can reactivate of our skin's five vital functions:
- Hydration
- Nutrition
- Oxygenation
- Protection
- Regeneration 

How I use it? 

The directions advised two pumps, day and night but I preferred one pump day and two at night when I feel my skin needs the extra nourishment whilst I sleep and recover. I pump the product directly into my palms and warm it up between my palms before I pat it onto my face, neck and decollete. I use it after my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and follow with my moisturiser. My current favourite moisturiser is the Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel.


This serum is a surprise favourite of mine. One of my close friends tried it and loved it but she had normal to dry skin. I didn't think it would've been suitable for my combination skin due to its oily texture but it did and it didn't make my t-zone more oily. I can honestly say that this is the first serum I finished completely without feeling the need to try another one in between because I saw an improvement in my skin overall in a short period of time.

The outer box suggests the serum will:

- Firm and reduce the look of fine lines: As I am only in my early twenties, I can't speak much of fine lines and wrinkles but I did see an improvement in some lines I had on my neck and my skin felt overall more firm and supple.

- Restore radiance and even out complexion: This I definitely saw within 2 weeks of use. My skin had that glow, redness was at bay and some darker areas around my chin seemed to lighten.

- Make pores less visible: My pores do seem slightly less visible but as I do have enlarged pores in my t-zone particularly on my nose. It will take longer use to see a better difference or perhaps a miracle product to make them invisible.

Overall, my skin feels healthier, firmer and more balanced with the use of the Double Serum. The product absorbs very quickly and does not feel heavy or sticky as I had thought. It wears well under my makeup and gives me a little bit of a radiant glow. By far one of the best serums I've tried as it delivered results fast.

Would I repurchase?

Definitely yes! In fact, I already picked up a duo pack as backup at the airport on the way back from my recent holiday. 

Love, Like, Dislike or Dump? Love!

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