Monday, December 8

Haul: Tatcha

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter you might have already seen me post a photo of my Tatcha package which arrived today. I've been interested in the brand for quite some time now and I am so excited to try them. They recently had a family and friends sale which was the perfect opportunity for me to pick a few items I've been eyeing. I originally wanted the Kaiseki set which contains deluxe sample sizes of all the products Tatcha has to offer but they sold out so fast! *sad face* The beauty junkie inside me just wanted to try everything but I missed out so I went with what I originally wanted. Tatcha also offers complimentary international shipping for orders over $250US which explains why I did some major hauling (yes, I'm one of this people who would buy more just to avoid paying for shipping-bad habit!). 

What impressed me the most about Tatcha was the amount of care that has gone into the packaging which feels luxurious and elegant. Every item comes with its on leaflet which feels like a personal letter to the user. Read more on what I purchased and why after the jump!

What I purchased?

This is the perfect kit if you are interested in trying Tatcha but you don't want to commit to the full size. It offers trial sizes of the four-step system all for $59US. It comes catered for different skin types mine is the Normal/Combination kit. 

This was the first product that sparked my interest as Rae from theRaeviewer recommended it particularly for those who may not like traditional cleansing oils or who are just starting out with them. $49US is relatively inexpensive compared to my previously loved SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil. You can see the amount of love and passion that has gone into the packaging in the picture below. 

I'm planning to travel soon and this would be great as I've heard that some airlines are quite particular about aerosols and my go to Avene Thermal Water Spray may not be allowed. It's much much pricer at $49US so I am expecting something close to miracles.

I'm a facial mask junkie. I couldn't resist. It would be interesting how well it performs since its one of the more costly masks I've purchased at $29US a piece or $94US for a set of 4. 

The Rice Enzyme Powder is also one of their key products and this set gives you the opportunity to try out all three different strengths to see which one works for you. At $45US this is a holiday set I purchased which comes in a really cute box. However the trial size are $15US so it works out the same price. 

My eyes have been quite difficult lately due to all the bizarre weather changes here in Sydney. I'm hoping these would help me get rid of those dull/dry eyes. $95US for pack of 10 pairs or $12US a pair. 

A popular item by Tatcha. I get really oily during the Summer so these would come in handy. It's suppose to absorb excess oil without eliminating your skin's natural moisture. It has quite a unique texture where its not quite like a film nor paper. The specks of gold also make them look really luxe. $12US for 30 sheets.   

If you would like to see a first impressions/review on any of these products please leave me a comment below. If you have tried any of these I would love to hear your thoughts and tips as well :) 

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